Gotten Cheated on, and He Had Sex with His Enemy’s Girlfriend

Yeah, because she cheated on you, so, you’d had SEX with the girlfriend of the man she cheated on you with, real smart (that, was S-A-R-C-A-S-M, in case someone’s wonderin’…), from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man Kuo was accused of raping of a woman, whose boyfriend stole his girlfriend, and the victim claimed that Kuo said he was going to SUE her boyfriend, and, in order to save him from it, the woman claimed, that that, was why she’d had sex with him.  But the D.A. found out, that she and Kuo plotted this revenge against each other’s boyfriend and girlfriend for having sex together, and had consensual sex, and so, Kuo wasn’t charged.

The D.A. investigated and found, that Kuo’s (age 28) girlfriend last year, in the middle of October, met another man online through a chat room, they’d talked of going out together, the woman had sent the other man his cell phone number.  The girlfriend of the male friend this woman met online had found their conversations and Kuo’s girlfriend’s cell phone number, fearing that her boyfriend might get robbed, and texted, “I’m his girlfriend, please don’t leave your place.”  Kuo felt awkward as he read through the message, and called up the other man and confirmed that his girlfriend had cheated on him, and asked the other man’s girlfriend out to chat.

Afterwards, the girlfriend of the man whom Kuo’s girlfriend met online accused him, that after the confrontations, he’d said that he still felt uneven, and threatened her to have sex with him, or, he was going to sue her boyfriend; and she was forced, and was raped by Kuo.

Kuo denied having raped the woman, said that they’d gone out to talk for over three hours, he’d suggested, “our separate partners were cheating on us, why don’t we cheat on them too?”  Because the girlfriend was hesitant, he got up and was ready to leave, but she’d pulled on him said, “okay, fine, let’s do it, then, they went to a motel, and “relieved their angers”.

Kuo said, that afterwards, he’d done what the man’s girlfriend said, called the other man up, and told him about what happened, and claimed himself to be his girlfriend’s husband, and that the other man needed to copy the Buddhist verses, or, he’ll sue him.

The D.A. reviewed the surveillance tapes from the super convenience shops as well as the motel’s, found that the woman did pull on Kuo, and, after Kuo rode her to the motels, she’d had her arms wrapped around his waist, and they’d gone in together, without any show of fear, and didn’t look like she was being forced, and during the time they’d spent in the motel, or afterwards, she did NOT call the police, and waited until her boyfriend asked about her whereabouts these couple of days, then she’d told him she was raped, but the D.A. didn’t believe her claims.

Having SEX with someone to get back for a man who was unfaithful to you, what’s WRONG with Y-O-U?  Why couldn’t you just DUMP him, that, would be a HELL of a lot easier, unlike how this woman now has to deal with getting SUED for making a FALSE statement about being raped to the cops.


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