Getting Out from Being Discriminated Against, They’re All Shining Brightly Now

From the Front Page Sections, translated…

“Everything I’d worked so very hard for, it’s for my kids, to grow up in a safe and kind environment toward the newly migrated.”  The Vietnamese teacher, Phoenix Chen had been living in Taiwan for thirteen years now, and she was the figure who helped push forth the merging of the cultures in Southeast Asia, and the dignities of the migrated women.  This, was a long and hard battle, to help both sides gain understanding of each other, it’s a love that’s from the mother to the child, the deepest kind of love.

When Being Discriminated Against, it Does NOT Feel Good at All

The Decisions to Step Outside the Family and Give Back to the Society

Phoenix Chen and her husband, Chih-Rong Chien met in Vietnam, after they married, they lived in Vietnam, originally, they were a more-than-ordinary family, but, all that changed after they moved back to Taiwan in 2001.

As she’d stepped into Taiwan, she’d felt the unfriendly gazes from all around, a ton of her newly migrated “sisters” would ask her, “How much do you mail back home a month?”  “How much did your husband spend, on buying you?”, and, there were a TON of ads on the streets that objectified women and marriage that made her really uncomfortable.  Later, she saw a news story, about a young Vietnamese mother who had communication troubles that took her young child, leapt off of a building and committed suicide, it shocked her.

Deciding to Step Outside, Started Volunteering at a Foundation

Phoenix Chen decided to step outside of the family, and started volunteering at Eden Social Welfare, and she’d made a TON of calls, showing cares and concerns for her new “sisters”, but, her calls would often get blocked by the ladies’ in-laws on the other end of the line.  Then, she’d transferred to the women and children’s hospital, and started the face-to-face interactions with her newly immigrated sisters, here, she’d come to discover, that the language and cultural barriers are the keys to causing conflicts in the homes, and slowly, that led her onto the road to instructing Vietnamese.

Phoenix Huang started a class, teaching Chinese to newly migrated spouses, and opened up a Vietnamese class for people in Taiwan too.  At first, this class was directed toward those who married the Vietnamese women, and the in-laws, she’d gotten a horrendous reply from all around, those who are retired, and in business, all fought, to sign up for her course, and she’d started teaching Vietnamese at local government office and industries too.

On the Television Vietnamese Teaching Sessions, She’d Always Appeared as a Guest

There were letters, written to her by the public, and those in jail, sighing on how they wanted to take up Vietnamese, but didn’t have the resources to.  She’d fought hard, for funding, and started hosting the Vietnamese Education Program on television, started with the basics of communications, President Am, the former director of the Internal Affairs, Hong-Yuan Lee, the former director of the Immigrations Offices, Li-Gong Hsieh, were also guests who appeared on her program.

For the Sake of the Children, Hoping to Add to Their Understanding and Acceptance

Recalling the hardships she’d weathered through, Phoenix Chen and Chih-Rong Chien said, that they’d never had too much hopes, and that it was simply “for the sake of our children”, they hope that they could help the children to learn to respect the multiple cultures, and grow up in an environment, where every single culture is accepted, to NOT allow their interracial union become a marker for the children’s heart, they wouldn’t want the discriminations they’d weathered through, to happen to their own offspring either.

For over a decade, Chien had supported his wife is speaking up and out for the women from Vietnam, he’d chauffeured her to and from the airports, help her with scheduling, help out with the odds and ends, “I’d encouraged her to do it, I didn’t expect it to be so well set up.”, in that plain and simple statement, there was a TON of pride and assertions hidden.

And so, it is, with her husband’s support, that this woman had been able to set forth, to help others who are similar to her, and, she’d focused on her children’s education, realized how important it is, for the kids to become culturally aware, as we ARE marching into a world without boundaries here.

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