What Needs to Be Reformed, Are the Mindsets of the Adults

From the Front Page Sections, translated…

Our kids are like blank sheets of paper, waiting, for the adults, to give them some education, to “shape” them into forms, to tell them what they need to improve in.

What needed reform in the reforms in education is the “attitudes” and “mindsets” of the teachers and the parents, I suppose!  And yet, this, is the hardest to observe change of them all, but, it is also, the most vital.

Recently, for the sake of the entrance exams of high schools, everybody is ranting, some vouched for the examinations taking place, others don’t want the tests to happen, but, the children needs more than the “just once examinations”, as parents, we all know, that the hardest and the part that was required, in childrearing is the accompaniment of and education, that, is the hardest part.

The point is not whether or not the government should throw out the testing systems, if the parents and the teachers won’t shoulder up the responsibilities, to help them adapt, to help them find their areas of interests, to train them with the skills needed for their futures, then, no matter how well-rounded the systems, they’re still useless.

There are a LOT of those who are willing to make a scene, to fight for one’s own rights, but I believe, that spending time and energy with the child, accompanying her/him, and those who helped our kids in school, the teachers, and the parents, they’re the most respected, even though, they’d remained anonymous, but, they’re the ones who have direct influence on the successes of our children.

And so, this just exemplifies the importance of the roles of the parents AND the teachers, and yet, most parents these days, leave the education to the schools and the teacher, because they FAIL to realize, that they’re the ones with the MOST influence on their kids’ behaviors.


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