After the Television is Turned Off, a Unique Way to Educate


After my eldest, my second child too, is graduating from NTU this year.  Since when they were younger, we never had cable television, other than the newscasts and a few cartoons, there are rarely any chances they’d sat down in front of the television.

From the moment when I got pregnant with my firstborn, I’d bought the book, “Education, Starting at Age 0”, and, before my son was born, I’d bought the entire set of nursery rhyme tapes, I’d started singing the tunes and memorizing them first, I want my child to open his eyes, and hear me sing to him when I held him.  Turns out, when I’d started singing to him, he’d become very focused and happy.

I’d even transcribed an entire set of encyclopedia onto tapes for them, when they were in kindergarten, we’d done a wide variety of science experiments at home.  And in the dining room, the kitchen, I’d taught them to recognize the various species of fishes I’d cooked, gave them their biology lessons that way.

After work and on the weekends, the whole family would enjoy reading together, playing with Legos, blocks, going out to the parks to slide, to play on the swings, and in the summers, I’d taken them to the science museum where they’d gotten a TON of hands-on activities, and I’d taken them abroad to visit the museums, the aquariums, and the amusement parks………and, there are our footprints all over the island of Taiwan too, after all, the natural world is the child’s encyclopedia.

My sons had never been sent to afterschool programs or gone to a cram school, after school, other than practicing on the piano, doing their homework assignments, reading, playing and exercising are their main activities, on weekends, they’d mostly stayed outdoors to observe insects, plants, and the rock formations.  The two brothers’ favorite question to ask was “why?”, when they were growing up.  Parents may be a live dictionary, but, as the children get older, the live dictionary may no longer be enough.  All the way, accompanying them, on their searches of the answers to the questions they have, this, is one of the best activities for my sons and I.

And so, this mother is open, she doesn’t push her kids to perform well in school, instead, she’d allowed them to follow their own interests, and, kids who grew up like that would learn to take responsibilities, because the grades they’re making, are NOT for the parents’ or their school teachers’ sakes, it’s for their own sakes, and, this teaching style would make the kids more responsible too.


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