My Mother-in-Law Spoiled Him Rotten

Let’s see who gets to PICK UP the pieces on this one!!!  Translated…

Since my husband’s youngest brother and his wife divorced, he took his child home to live with us and my parents-in-law, my mother-in-law, because he felt sorry for her grandson, for not having a complete home, she’d spoiled him rotten, and would do as he’d dictated, and, the child became a self-centered, spoiled rotten BRAT who’d thrown his temper tantrums when things don’t go his way.

Living under the same roof, even though, I disagree with my mother-in-law’s teaching methods of her grandson, but I felt, that I have no place to say anything, until recently, I’d discovered that my husband’s youngest brother’s son started talking BACK to my in-laws, and, he’d used harsher, and harsher words, each and every time, to the point that he was basically cussing them out, and the words that came out of him didn’t sound like anything that a six-year-old kid would be saying, it’d made me realize how serious this became, because this time, is when he should be undergoing some vital growth processes, that it should not be overlooked at all, I’d finally, started talking about this child, in a round-and-about way to my mother-in-law.

I could understand where she was coming from, and, it’s not my place, to tell my mother-in-law, NOT to spoil him as much, and because my husband’s sister-in-law also wanted to get back together with his younger brother, and my mother-in-law wanted to see that it happens, she’d allow her to come a few days a week, to be with her son, and so, I’d suggested to my mother-in-law that maybe, she could describe the child’s mental states to my husband’s youngest sister-in-law, to have her spend more time, communicating with him.  But my mother-in-law told me, that my methodology may not work at all, because the early matured child had come to believe that it was his mother who’d done wrong, that his mother had done wrong towards him, and so, how could he be respectful and willing to listen to her.

Hearing up to here, a mixture of emotions came up to me, I’d told my husband’s youngest brother told, of how he was too busy at work, that he couldn’t manage to find the time, to discipline his own son, and so, he’d left the education of his own child to my in-laws, and his wife, who wanted to patch things up with her son, kept sucking up to him too, didn’t dare tell him right from wrong.  In the end, everybody knew how bad a temper this child had, and yet, NOBODY in the family wanted to tackle this problem face front.

My husband too, tried stepping in, to discipline, but, his youngest brother turned him away, and so, naturally, it was NOT my place to say.  Everybody wanted to make up to this kid, whose family got broken, but, none of them ever though, that spoiling him like so, can only do more damages to his life.

And so, because the in-laws felt that they’d owed this child a complete family, so, they’d let him rule, and, the father of this child too, same as the mother, and so, the adults are overcompensating, while this kid is enjoying, RULING that household, when he is the YOUNGEST of them all, and this, is just a very bad example, and, if this kid doesn’t get STRAIGHTENED out (and it looks like he won’t ever!!!) soon, well, you’re gonna have a BIGGER mess on your hands, parents!!!

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