Later on, as I Drove, I’d Modeled After My Dad

See, parents still have GREAT amounts of influence on their children, NO matter how old they (the kids) get, translated…

With a turn, the SUV went into a narrowed alleyway, a white-haired, elderly man, with a hump on his back was slowly, moving in the middle of the path.  The driver couldn’t tell whether the elderly person planned to stay on the left or the right, and so, he’d drove behind the man, slowly, with a large distance between them.  Until other pedestrians discovered this, and reminded this elderly woman to stay to the sidewalks, the vehicle then, slowly, slid right by.

The pedestrians started chatting and giving off commends, “This is an amazing driver, he didn’t use the horns to tell the elderly to move.”  In the backseat, as I’d heard them, I felt real pound, thinking, “It’s my dad who’s driving!”

I had multiple experiences where someone HONKED me and scared the SHIT out of me on the roads.  Sometimes, I’d just made sure, that there was NOT a single car on the roads, but, there could be a car, that moved, so stealthily, to my back, “HONK~~~”, wanting me to move, and that sound, can scare your feet off the grounds that’s for sure.

And, sometimes, anger too, got sparked as well.  Back when we were younger, there were friends who’d SPIT on the windows of the car too.  There was a car that’d shocked my girlfriend, and, she, who’s usually gentle fought back immediately, she’d SLAPPED the trunk of that car hard, screamed out, “What the HELL you honking at!”, and, the sound of the horns, along with the screams of my girlfriend, from her angers, it’d shocked me twofold.  But I understood where she was coming from, after all, if you got honked like that, so many cells would’ve been shocked to death.

My father, whilst he was driving, would NEVER honk behind people’s back like that.  Since I was younger, after couple of decades, even IF he was already running late for work, and rushed to take me to school, he’d driven with such amazing courtesy on the roads.

Even though, showing some kindness on the road is common courtesy, but, it could spare a TON of people from being scared the SHIT out of, it’s an act of kindness, that needed more followers.  So, later, as I’d become the driver, I’d also, taken after my dad.

And so, because you HAD a good example to follow, your father, who’d driven with this sort of a milder manner, and you’d empathized the pedestrians, because someone close to you had been honked at, therefore, you’d be less than likely, to honk at people who’d blocked you.  But, the father’s actions are the biggest influence in this man’s life that’s for sure.

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