After Getting High and Getting Drunk, He Woke Up, His Older Brother Died, and His Friend, in a Coma

Just because the last time you’d done that you turned out okay, doesn’t mean that fate’ll always BE on your side, and, apparently, Lady Luck was NOT on your side, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

Three young males was suspected of using and abusing drugs for five hours nonstop, plus they were drinking alcohol, it’d caused one person dead, one in a coma, the other, woke up, seven hours later, and as he’d become wide awake, he was shocked at the results, he said, “We’d done this before, I didn’t imagine the consequences to be this dire.”

The police, at the preliminary examinations, suspected that the three men overdosed, and with the effects of alcohol, caused the deceased’s coronary arteries to not be able to handle it and died; the police took in the samples of the drugs there, the plate of ketamine, the used up pieces of the illegal substances, and sent everything to the D.A.’s office, and they’re waiting for the results today.

The Miaoli Fire Department got a call early yesterday morn at around five, that there was someone, fallen down, in an alleyway, off of the highways, the paramedics and the police rushed over, but they didn’t see anybody, but heard someone close by hollering, and followed the noises.

The police arrived at the doors of a mansion, as they were about to enter, they’d heard the raucous, the woman on the first floor, Hu, allowed the cops in, the police found, in the bedroom of the second floor, Hu’s younger brother (age 26), and his friends, the Longs (ages 26 and 24), in the same room together, Hu and the older of the two brothers were unconscious, and the younger brother was all worked up and screaming.

The police took the three of them to the hospitals, before they’d arrived there, the older of the brothers, Long, stopped breathing, and, after the paramedics resuscitated him, they were able to delay his death, until early in the evening, and he’d died, of multiple organ failures, the younger brother, Hu, fell into a coma, and was still in the ICU, being observed.

Long’s younger brother, until yesterday at noon, became more stabilized emotionally, and in the evenings, the police called him up, he’d stated, “We’d done this before, and nothing had happened from before.”

Well, the last times were because you were lucky, but this time, the luck RAN out, and that just shows you all, how DANGEROUS drug abuse and use can be, so, STAY away from all of that bad stuff out there.


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