Her Aunt Took Over the Role of Being Her Mother for Seventeen Years, and Helped Her Get Over the Loss, So She Could Find Her Happiness

On grieving and recovering from the loss of a loved one, translated…

Because of an accident, I’d gained half a reputation of a mother.  Still recalled a car wreck from seventeen years ago, my younger sister-in-law who was more like a sister to me, because she was HIT by a truck, driving the wrong way, she’d died before they could lift her to the hospital, leaving behind her four year old and her eight year old daughters.

My younger brother who felt that his affinity with his wife wasn’t over yet just couldn’t accept the death of his own wife as a fact, and would hit the walls and live in the pains of loss every single day, and, when he’d gone out drinking, by his friends and families’ invitations, I was the one, telling my nieces their bedtime stories, to help them fall asleep, waited until my younger brother returned, then, I’d headed home to rest, during the daytime, I’d helped out around his house, cooked, cleaned, chauffeured my nieces to and from school, reinstructed them in their lessons, signed the name on their assignment books, and became a contact on their list for the schools, and take them to the doctors, along with other small things.

My younger brother, who’s in the prime of his life, in a short decade’s time, had gone through life changes of getting married, having children, and losing his wife.  My younger brother who loved my nieces dearly, feared that if he took another wife, then, she wouldn’t treat his daughters, or our mother kindly, and so, he’d taken my advice, and focused on raising up his three daughters, with NO intentions of remarrying again.

In a blink of an eye, seventeen years flashed by, my youngest niece is now, a third year nursing student, she will graduate next year, but she’d already gotten certified as a registered nurse, and has NO worries of a job after graduation, my eldest niece too, graduated college, and just last year, she’d married the man she loved, and I took care of everything, from helping her to select the wedding cakes, to finding a banquet hall for her wedding dinner, it’s, as if I’m marrying my daughter off.  On her wedding, my niece, with tears in her eyes, thanked me for taking good care of her like she was my own daughter, asked me to love myself more, it’d made me cry, the pains and sorrows we’d endured, along with the joys now, of her marriage, it’s a HUGE mixture of feelings for me, and, it’s lifted this weight off my shoulder too.

Through the pains of the loss, feeling the weakness of life, along with the ever-changing status of life, we must all give thanks, and cherish everything we have, and, it’s about time, that my younger brother start finding a brand new love for himself too.

And so, see how much the father and the aunt had given up or, had put in, to raise these children, and that, is what a good family looks like, and, there’s still NOT very many good cases as this one in the world today.


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