They’d Dated Only for a Month, and She’d Been Hounded by Him for Three Years

Another one who just REFUSES to LET go, even AFTER love is OVER, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man, Chou and his ex-girlfriend, Wen, who were dating for only JUST a month, and they’d broken up since three years ago, and Chou wasn’t pleased at how he was “dumped”, he’d called her up often, texted her nonstop, hoping that she’d meet with him again, and Wen could withstand the harassments, sued him.  The Shihlin District Attorney’s office found that Chou only sent text messages that is harmless, and so, they didn’t prosecute him.

The D.A. stated, that even though, Chou’s behaviors are not acceptable, and he’d created a TON of discomfort in his ex’s life, but, his behaviors did NOT constitute as criminal act, they’d suggested that Weng go through the civil courts to get this resolved.

Weng had once operated a lotto shop, and Chou had interviewed as her employee, after a month of dating, Weng felt that they are too different, and decided to break up.  Later, Chou went into the service, and Weng went to a hotel in Takoro to work, and they’d never met up again.

Weng accused, that while she was working at the hotel, her coworker told her, “There’s a Mr. Chou looking for you”, she was shocked, “It’s been so very long…”, she’d suspected that her personal information was leaked out.

“I swear I will NEVER use violence, can we meet up tonight?”, “You had gone off my radar, and, you’re probably doing lowly deeds right now!”  Weng put up the evidence of the messages she’d received from Chou as evidence.

As the D.A. opened up the case, Chou claimed, that what he was doing was NOT threatening, nor was it harassment, that he’d just wanted to have an amicable meeting with his ex-girlfriend.  The D.A. examined the text messages from Chou, and found, that mostly, they were about his state of being, “I’m hungry and tired right now”, “I hate Valentine’s Day”, etc., etc., etc., and he’d even reminded her of a movie that’s playing on AXN”, begged his girlfriend to take him back, that there were NO threats.

The D.A. stated, that even though, Chou had once stated to Weng, “You’re the culprit for causing your mother to turn demented”, but, the messages were sent to just his ex-girlfriend, that he didn’t spread it out to someone else, and so, it didn’t constitute as libel and slander.

Yeah, that’s just for THIS time, what about the NEXT time?  What if, the next time this LOSER decided to put HIS own words into action, and started harassing the woman even more?  After all, there’s a VERY thin line here, and because the boundaries are still very G-R-A-Y-E-D out, that, is how this, is a typically dangerous case scenario.

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