The Secrets of the Dowry, a Story on Marriage


As the younger generations dated now, so long as they’re getting along well together, and feel fitting to be together, there’s little issues on the matter of dowry from the female’s side, but, my colleague, Lee’s daughter, Xiao-Jun is not like that at all.

Xiao-Jun had dated a man who’d studied in the technical majors, Ying-Chao, who’s from a middle class family for years, she’d told him clearly, “If I am to marry you, then, you must prepare the dowry of $300,000N.T. for me, and you MUST not ask me about how I’m spending the money.”  The two of them married back in 2005, and, they’d started a nuclear family, gotten along smoothly.

On the eve of their first wedding anniversary, Xiao-Jun told her husband abruptly, “Let’s go to Bali for our wedding anniversary this year, okay?”

Ying-Chao was surprised, “Sure, but, where would we get the money?”

Xiao-Jun said, “So long as you’d agreed, I’d have a way of getting the money.”, and so, they’d spent a romantic and happy wedding anniversary.

As the time flew by, two years had come and gone, on the eve of their fourth wedding anniversary, Xiao-Jun wanted to go to Sabah for her wedding anniversary, on their sixth, they’d gone to Samui Island; on the eighth anniversary, they’d gone to Kyoto, to watch the maple leaves.  They’d taken an anniversary trip almost once every two years.

Ying-Chao became confused, because they’d put all they’d earned together, how was his wife getting the extra cash for their vacations?  Xiao-Jun smiled and told, “Don’t you recall the dowry that I’d asked you for back when we just wed?  Back then, I’d heard my colleague told me, his friend started working at a textile mill that’s just gone on the markets, the owner was extremely kind to the employees, and looked out for them too, and it’d broken the stereotypes that the outside world had of the traditional industries, and the company had developed different strategies, and has a bright future, especially that the stocks and options had paid a TON of interests.

“I believe, that choosing a stock is like picking a husband, great performance, with a steadiness is most important, back then, when the price was about $40N.T.s, I’d bought 7500 shares, and the very next year, it’d paid $28,050N.T. in interests, the next year, I’d gotten $34,800N.T.  Since 2008 to date, I’d received over $39,000N.T. in interests, and the rates of return is well over thirteen percent, so naturally, we can afford to travel abroad once every two years.

“Especially when from back then, the worth of my stocks was only $300,000N.T., and now, it’d increased to $1.2 million N.T., if I just sold ten shares, we’d be able to afford the trip to Europe.”

Ying-Chao shook his head in disbelief, “A dowry that become a lifetime mutual fund; the dowry had made their love even sweeter”, it’s that powerful.

Through it, it’d allowed the two of them to de-stress on vacations, and it’d managed to keep the two people closer to one another, lengthening the love they have for each other.  And now, the two would often discuss where they’re headed next, looking forward to their next anniversary vacations, their lives are filled with excitement and expectations.

So, it’s all thanks to the woman’s foresight, and, she used the dowry to invest in a good stock, and, she’d planned everything out financially, and so her husband and she can enjoy vacations abroad from time to time.

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