I’m Going to My Younger Brother’s House, on Filial Relations


Since my parents passed away, the road “home” to me, is filled with this heaviness, and too distant too.  I feared, that if I’d gone home and saw the things that my father left behind, I’ll feel that strong sense of loss all over again.

And still, I must accompany my mother who’d lost her mate, I must head home often, to accompany her, hoping that I can distract her from missing dad too much.

My mother is ninety-two years old now, she’s still quite capable and healthy, and she’d stay at my three younger brothers’ place consecutively.  Which means, that every time I’d gone home to see mom, it wouldn’t necessarily be in the same house.  But, no matter whose house I went to, I felt like I had gone back to visit at my dad’s house.

At meals, my younger brother did the best they could, to prepare the food that my father enjoyed, and would keep sending the foods into both my mom’s and my bowl, and asked us, “Does it taste well?”, “Is it soft enough?”, and asked if my mother loved it, as if fearing that they’d not done a good job as the hosts.

Seeing how my younger brothers would put the food into my mother’s bowl, along with the tone of voice that gentleness that they used, it’d reminded me of how we’d all eaten when my father was still alive.  Still recalled, that every meal, he’d made sure that he’d put the items into my mother’s bowl, then, for his daughters-in-law and daughter too.  He believed, that the daughters-in-law are married to his sons, and that their parents are not there to care for them, and so, the in-laws must care for them more.

And now, seeing how my younger brothers took after my father, I was so very moved.  Every time, I’d smiled and gotten intoxicated in the atmosphere of eating together with them.  My younger brothers often told, “Dad is really kind, when we’d gotten married, he’d told us, that when we have our separate houses, we must treat the sisters who come back to visit with kindness, to let them feel, that it’s a happiness to come back home.”  They’d understood my father’s kindness, ands so now, even if my father had passed on, they’d still used the same ways, to allow us sisters who are married off, to be as happy as we were just like when my father was still here.

Hearing my younger brothers, I’m truly grateful toward my father’s heart, he’d utilized his own wisdom, and given us the most treasured kind of education; in his words and behaviors, it showed that blood is thicker than water, along with the preciousness of parent-child interactions.

And now, I’d expected the days I would visit my younger brothers, because I saw on them, my father’s kindness, his wisdom, and the depth of his love for his children; I’m also thankful toward my younger brothers, sisters-in-law, for taking good care of my elderly mother, to allow her to live happily, to the end of her life.

And so, this still just shows how important the education in the family is, because the lessons you were taught by your parents will carry through to the next generations, and you will use it for the rest of your lives.

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