Allowing Your Sufferings to Go Unnoticed

Time for E-X-C-U-S-E-S!!! In MY defense, I was hurting WAY too awfully, to even pay attention to you, after all, if I don’t take care of No. 1 (and I’m still N-U-M-B-E-R one in my own life!!!), how the HELL am I supposed to have the energy, or even, the ability, to deal with you?

Allowing your suffering to go unnoticed, because I was too careless, focused solely on what is perceived, and I failed to look beneath those painted faces, to see how badly you were hurting, but, you grew up strong, didn’t you?  And, I shall get the C-R-E-D-I-T, for how WELL you’d turned out, because if I’d paid more attention, then, you wouldn’t have grown up in such excruciating pain, and you would’ve NEVER been able to be so strong, child.

Allowing your suffering to go unnoticed, because nobody ever paid attention to MY insecurities either, and, because I had NO role model to take after, how the HELL am I supposed to know what to do, with you?

Allowing your suffering to go unnoticed, because I can, because I’m your parent, and, you need me, you RELY on me to love you, and I’m in the POWER position to decide, whether or not I should love you.

And, that, is just a “minor example” of WHAT bad parenting looks like, and this is still considered N-E-G-L-E-C-T, so, DO be careful, as you are ALL, treading on THIN ice here!



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3 responses to “Allowing Your Sufferings to Go Unnoticed

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