Cultural Blindness, False Equality, Are Everywhere…

On the instructions of biracial children born to foreign hired helpers who married people here, on the Front Page Sections, translated…

The First Step to Teaching, Face the Differences

How the teachers should do it: 1. Talk about the Prejudices with Children in Depth, 2. Get Out of One’s Own Comfort Zones, 3. Pay More Attention to Multiple Talents

The professor of the Taiwan Teacher University of the Department of Education, Liu said, that if there are children from foreign hired help in the class, the instructors must see the difference, and give them “Active Differential Treatments”; intentionally dodging the topics, to NOT touch up on the issue of race, is the actions of a classic “Culturally Blind Person”, and yet, “treating all children equally”, and making them feel like they’re equals, is JUST as dangerous.  But she’d sighed, ‘these culturally blinded instructors” are all over in Taiwan.

She’d made an example, the foreigners, those with a lighter shade of skin are “foreigner”, those with a darker are considered “laborers”, and the everyday language that hinted the discriminations had subconsciously gotten passed down to the next generations.  The classrooms can NO longer stay at “Thai food is delicious, Vietnamese traditional outfits are beautiful”, this sort of appearances, they should get more in depth, after introducing the kids to the varied cultures, and start an in-depth discussion on “why is there prejudice?  Where it came from, along with the effects of discrimination on our lives.”

Facing this sharp conflict with honesty, is the first step to helping form a classroom of empathy.

The cultures of the foreign hired help are ignored by how there are only articles introducing the cultures of Asians, but it’d lacked the Vietnamese, the Thai, Indonesian, along with other southeastern countries in Asia, the editors of textbooks are often standing on the side of the “dominant culture”, and not mentioning the minorities, or, added documents regarding as attachments, and used for the purpose of comparisons.

For instance on the discussion of architecture, the textbooks had the two photographs of the 101, and the caves of an offshore island, and the kids are bound to believe that “tall buildings are signs of civilization and caves are not”, and develop an off value.  Liu said, that the methods of teaching should be “Replying to the Cultures”, in the texts, they must teach them, using their mothers’ methods, so the kids can come to know that mom and dad are from different cultures, but their cultures are equally important.”

And, the differences in the countries can cause learning roadblocks, the instructors should step outside the box, to understand the cultures of the children from these biracial families, and to offer remedial help to them.

And so, this, is one person’s take on how we can slowly get everybody onto the same page, and, she is right, but, there’s a mainstream culture, just as when we first arrived in the States, they didn’t teach us using our native language, Chinese, instead, we MUST learn English, and, it’s kinda like the same deal with these children who were born to foreign mothers.

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