In the Afternoons, We Read Through Life, How We Spent These Summer Days


On the afternoon of Valentine’s Day, I’d stepped into the doors of a second floor apartment, opened the door, the sign: “Er-Ya Book Room” came into my visions.

“Er-Ya”, that, was a familiar name I’d seen on the books when I was younger, and because of chance, I’d gotten a chance, to enter into its book room, and entered the book club led by Professor Guei-Jen Lin.  The other side of the reading club is writing, the students would work hard, reading regularly, and wrote down their observations in life, and this sort of a goal matched up with my temperament of slow-living.  But because of family issues, I’d stopped attending, after a very long while, that room filled with books had taken me for a ride again.

Rather than calling it a book club, a gas station for the spirits is more like it.  Because every month, in the nonspecified date gatherings, the members, other than retired school teachers, there are also a group of people who are lost, trying to find meaning to their own lives; everybody would share their feelings at the book club meetings, and, what people shared would gain a TON of replies and feedbacks from the group.

Professor Guei-Jen is truly a taster of life, and would give words of encouragements at the right time, and would pick a passage from the room full of books, and have the classmates read it in a relay kind of way.  With the lead of the professor, we were able to get a closer look at the mindset of the writers when the passages were being written, and, the writer’s feelings and time would intertwine with our space and time too, the wisdom from the books would create ripples, and get through to us, who are way too stubborn to change normally, and we’d be baptized.

Sometimes, the instructor would pick out films, music, to go along with the writers’ words, to help us experience life better, to help us understand this world better, to learn to have a keener sense of observation in life, to instill that innermost drive to write on.  When the students shared their writings, it’d felt like I was savoring the dishes I couldn’t be able to make normally, it tasted wonderfully.

A book club, the afternoon shared, whether it be self-discovery or self-healing, the added value is like the honey suckle, sweet and wonderful, it’d made me feel very enriched on the inside.

So, this is the importance of group activities, I mean, sure, you can probably read some books, and think about it on your own, but, if you have someone to share what you’d read up on, then, it makes what you’d read up on more meaningful, plus, this, is an exchange of minds, and, nothing BAD can come of changing of thoughts, it’d open your minds up to brand new perspective you hadn’t considered before…


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