The Courage to Make Her Grand Exit, Work or Keep Studying

In the workforce, translated…

After a decade, I’d met up once more, with my colleagues from the research institution again, and I’d realized that of the twelve students in my class, that the only one who’d already gotten to my goal in life from back then, was S, who’d filed for retirement after she’d received her degree, gave up on the hard-to-come-by opportunity to further her education, and entered into the workforce.

Back then, her dorms are right next door, we’d already talked about similar issues before, I’d suggested that she finished her degree first, after all, she’s already half-way done with her course requirements, and that we must finish from beginning to end, but she believed, that her dream is to become a professional agent, and, if keep going to school does NOT fulfill the requirements of what she was looking for, why not just quit.  I could feel her anxiety, after all, “dropping out” is quite rare back then, for us who’d gotten baptized by the national entrance exams, “dropping out” symbolized failure, it’s almost the same as getting kicked out of school, and S, who’d gone through the best schools in her lower years of education, it’s imaginable the pressures she must’ve felt on the issues of “dropping out”.

After I’d received my master’s degree, there was an influx of higher education degree holders, and so, with a master’s degree, it doesn’t help me in job hunting, it’d even become an obstacle to my getting a job.  And, because of how I couldn’t find a job, most of my graduate class had chosen to take the government positions examinations, or to head off abroad to get their doctorates.  A decade after we graduated, we’d reunited again, there were still a handful of us who are going to school abroad, only S, she’s on the right path to living her own dreams, she now works at a foreign company, in a manager’s position.  Recalling all the changes we’d gone through in our lives, I realized, that stamina and persistence are two important factors, but, facing this ever-changing world, having the courage to make the exits is even MORE important!

And so, this woman “strayed” from the path, she struck out, because she felt that it’d be best, if she’d started working, and turns out she was right too, after all, a LOT of people are choosing to go BACK to school, because they couldn’t find a job, and so, school becomes a sort of an escape from their realities, and the longer they’d stayed in school, the harder it would be, for them all, to get their lives BACK on track.

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