Imprisoned by Your Love

The longing, to be F-R-E-E, grows stronger by the minute in my heart, and, I MUST make a break for it!!!

Breaking OUT of the prison of your love, I’d been kept, imprisoned by your love, for a very long time, and I thought that that, was how love should feel, but, it’s NOT, and because the imprisonment by your love WAS the only KIND of love I’d ever BEEN exposed to, I took it to be right, when it actually wasn’t.

Upon figuring out that your love imprisoned me, instead of helping me soar, high above the skies, I’d decided to make a BREAK for it, I waited until you were fast asleep one night, and then, I dashed for the door, but, unfortunately, I’d tipped over that god DAMN vase and you were awaken, and, because I was afraid of what you’ll do to me, I went back into that prison called love again…

Breaking OUT of the prison of your love, that, was what I was destined to do, but, the timing had always BEEN O-F-F for some reasons, and so, I couldn’t, but, I had, once, broken free, and that, was all it took, my FIRST taste of what it felt like, to be FREE from your controlling love, and, you were NEVER getting to me again!

Breaking OUT of the prison of your love, it’s been hard, because I’d grown reliant, on you, to provide the love I needed to grow up strong for me, and, for a very long time, I thought you really DO love me, when all you ever did, was ABUSE me, RAPE me, TAKEN advantage of me, over, over, and over again.  Well, NO more, I’d put an end to that now, I’m already F-R-E-E from this prison of love you’d built, from the ground UP, to keep me in, and, NOTHING will EVER hold me again!









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