The Mother of Terminal Care: You Must Think Positively at Old Age

Keys to aging gracefully, can you do it???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Priority Reports on Population pointed out, that on average, women in Taiwan live longer than men, but they don’t age as healthily as men.

The analysis from the Statistic Department led by Professor Lin from Dong-Hai University stated, that on average, the healthy years of men after age sixty-five between male and female have eight percent differences, and that there are 2.25 years of extra unhealthy years for women than for men.  He’d stated, that even though, women are found to live longer than men, they’re not necessarily healthier, because their husbands died before they do, women who ended up alone at old age are increasing.

Entering into a publicly owned nursing home in the city of Taipei, those who were there are mostly females, and the manager of this home said, that women who stayed there stayed longer than the men, and, those women who were there, their husbands had died, and they can only rely on the company of their offspring.

And, most researches had discovered, that in order to live long and happy, other than a healthy body, one must also get involved in more social activities, but, based off of the national health institute, over sixty percent of elderly don’t like going outdoors regularly.

And so, how do we, age properly, and age well?  By remaining active through our elderly years, but, how many can actually do that?  Not very many is still my guess!

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