Prone to the Development of Mental Disorders

There’s that genetic PRE-disposition, like if your grandparents, great-grandparents, or even, great-great-grandparents had it, and, the chances of it being “passed down” to you is extremely H-I-G-H too isn’t it.

Prone to the development of mental disorders, let’s see, I guess, we all started on the same page, a blank one, and, with the differences we’d had, and the different things we’re exposed to, and, how strong we are internally, and, add all of that up, put every single of these ingredients into the boiling pot, cook, for five to ten hours, then, you’ll get a full-blown mental disorder.

But, NOT everybody who’s had a family history of whatever will develop it, and that lies in the individual differences, like how we ALL have different personalities, and how we cope with things as they come our way.

And so, there’s NO magical “cure”, of what, exactly, causes us to develop a mental condition, and, if you’re diagnosed, taking those SSRI’s, or whatever ELSE it is that they’re prescribing is basically USELESS, because YOU, and YOU alone, will be the only one who can pull Y-O-U out of the D-U-M-P, so, work on yourselves, and, recover…













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