A Drug Dealer Who Had Enticed a Young Girl to Traffic the Drugs He Was Selling and Help Him Collect Was Caught by the Police

From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man, Chien, was suspected of having his live-in girlfriend’s twelve year old and nine year old daughters to be “runners”, and was accused by the receiver of the illegal substances, “He told young girls to deliver the illegal substances and had them collect his debts for him”, this was exactly identical to the movie, “Apprentice”, the police charged the man with child endangerment and drug dealing.

In the movie, “Apprentice” from Hong Kong, the main character took his young daughter, and waited by the side of the roads for the drugs to be dealt to him, and, he’d placed the money in his daughter’s backpack, and when the traffickers arrived, he’d taken the drugs, while his child handed over the backpack, and, the scene when the deal was complete was very impressive.

Jieng, (age 45) nicknamed “Dragon”, was a head drug dealer, too, had a child work as a “runner”.  The two men who bought drugs from Chien, after they were arrested, claimed that they’d seen the girls more than once when they bought drugs.

The two little girls told the police that Jieng had placed “stuff”, wrapped with toilet paper, told them to go downstairs and give it to an uncle, and to bring the money they were handed back to him, “but we didn’t know what it was.”

The police had provided the photos for the children to identify, and the two girls confirmed that the stuff were given to the man.

The police investigated that the children’s mother, because she had bought drugs with the same dealer, that, was how she’d met Chien, they’d moved in together, last month, she’d given Chien a son.  Hsieh, the woman said, Chien would often have her daughters run errands to pick up things, but didn’t know that he was having them transporting drugs.

Chien denied having asked the children to traffic the drugs, only admitted to using amphetamine.  The police station of Hsinbei City, made arrests on Chien, and two other men, along with four of the downstream dealers.

And so, you still have unfit parents here, and, this woman claimed that she didn’t know that her boyfriend was using her children as traffickers, and do you believe her?  Of course N-O-T, and, the kids they don’t even KNOW what it is that they’re doing, and, they’d already been involved in crimes, without even knowing…

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