The Son Took His Girlfriend, Part-Timing Abroad, on Parent-Child Interactions


My close friend, Xiao-Ching’s son, took his girlfriend abroad to part-time.

I asked her, “Did you meet the girl’s parents?  Are they comfortable, letting their child go off abroad with her boyfriend?”

Xiao-Ching said, “we’d met them twice once, was the courtesy visit before they headed aboard, another, as we all took the kids to the airports.  The girl’s parents are very understanding, they said that they support their daughter’s decisions one-hundred percent, believed that their daughter would have the wisdom, to make the right choices, and, we are worried too much.”

Think back to before, when Xiao-Ching’s son, being considerate toward his girlfriend’s work, took her home to live for awhile. She’d asked the girl, “Did you tell your parents where you’ll be living?”

The girl replied, “Yes, I had!  They knew, that I was staying at the house of a classmate.” Xiao-Ching said, “Next time, when you’re on the phones with your mom, let me talk to her.” The second day, the mothers got to talk, the girl’s mother thanked Xiao-Ching over and over again, for taking care of her daughter.

Xiao-Ching intentionally stressed, “Sure, don’t worry about it, I don’t have a daughter, only two sons, so, I treated her as my daughter.”

And so, the parents should KNOW, that their daughter was staying at a male classmate’s house!

On weekends, her son would, from time to time, go with his girlfriend home to visit her parents, and, they’re not strangers at all.

After getting along for awhile, Xiao-Ching started liking the girl more and more, because she’d made her son more responsible, and the two of them planned out their futures too, they planned to work hard for a short while, to save the money for travels, then, head abroad to work, before they’re thirty, they wanted to make more money aboard, so they can have money to start their own business together.

Turns out, that after a year of working, they’d saved enough for their travels, they’d bought the tickets, and started filling out the paper works for travel, to book their flights and hotels, didn’t need their parents’ help at all.

The two can talk to one another as they’d gone abroad, took care of one another, and they’d still LINED their families to keep in touch, like where they’re living, what they had for the meals, what they did, and how they rode the bicycles instead of walked, and it’d given their families a piece of mind.

As parents, we’d often told our kids, “No”, that’s “no good”, so many “no’s”.  Actually, if you can think on the brighter side, and believe in your child, support them, it will surely help them grow even more.

And so, this, is what trust looks like in a family, and the mother was worried at first, but the son and his girlfriend proved to her, that her worries are excessive, and that they could take good care of themselves.

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