The Family He Left Behind

He’d left behind, a LOT of loving family members, and, he didn’t even consider how they would feel, after he was gone!

The family he left behind, with the sorrows and the strong sense of loss, from his death, that, was foretold and foreshadowed, and foreseen by him too, and yet, he still, CHOSE to end it, because he’d been depressed for a V-E-R-Y long time, and, the days just dragged on and on and on, with NO end in sight, and he simply got too tired of waking up in the morn, and so, that night when he went to sleep, he’d UPPED his dose, and, he didn’t wake up the next morn, or the next morn, and, by the time someone found him, he was already cold as I-C-E.

The family he left behind, HOW could he, just abandon them like that?  Doesn’t he know, that he still has responsibilities toward his loved ones?  Of course he does, and, he had his reason, life was getting too hard, and, it’d become more and more difficult, to paint on his smiles, and yet, he had to, put on that false front for everybody, while deep down, he knew, he was very unhappy…

The family he left behind, they’re left with the consequences of his actions, he took his own life, that, may be cowardly from the outside looking in, but, the pains he was experiencing, was too unbearable, and unimaginable, and, how would you K-N-O-W, what it’s like, to live in that deep, dark hole that he’d lived in, before he died?  You don’t, and therefore (still “three dots arranged in a triangle”\), you do NOT have the right to make judgments on him!

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