Adding Up the Countless Nights

By adding up the countless nights that you’d cried yourselves to sleep because of that LOSER’s betrayals, how many did you get?  A CENTURY, maybe?

Adding up the countless nights, because I tossed and turned, each and every single night in bed, and my brains, it just won’t let me rest…adding up the countless nights, but why?  Because I need to be reminded, yet again, of how you’d betrayed me, in our marriage, after all, you WERE the one to have had sex with that whore, weren’t you?

Adding up the countless nights, that I’d held my child, as she cried to sleep, rocking her in my arms tonight, I’m reminded, that you’re NOT with us anymore, and, I’m saddened, by your absence in your son’s life, but, you did us proud, you’d given your life for the sake of your country, you went, when your country called on you to serve, and, I will be telling our son one day, of the heroic actions of his daddy, and, he will too, be pound for having had a man like you in his life, as I am, proud, of having HAD a man like you in my life…

Adding up the countless nights, what do you get?  Still NOT quite broken even yet, had ya?  Nope, and, you will NEVER break even, because you’re NOT supposed to…





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