Waiting for the “Clock” to Expire

When, oh W-H-E-N, will MY “buzzer” go off again?  ‘Cuz I’m gettin’ tired, of living THIS fucked up life of mine, and I still got NO balls to COMMIT suicide, because I don’t want to end up in H-E-L-L (as ALL suicides end in hell???).

Waiting for the “clock” to expire, it’s such a long wait, I’d been sittin’ here, every single day, with my eyes, GLUED (literally now!!!) to that clock on the walls, and, I watched, as the secondhand, moved so slowly across the clock’s surfaces, once, twice, sixty times, and, that’s just O-N-E solid hard hour.

Waiting for my “clock” to expire, and it just kept ticking, ticking, ticking away, and, it’s totally getting on my EVERY single FUCKING (yeah, and your point being???) N-E-R-V-E here!!!  Waiting for my “clock” to expire, because I want to be blessed, with the mercy of D-E-A-T-H, so, come “claim” me, come take me away already, so I won’t get TORTURED no more (and your point would be???)

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Filed under Attitude, Awareness, Being Alone, Cause & Effect, Downward Spiral, Karma, On Death & Dying, Values

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