My Aunt Took the Hard Road in Love

Some people are just UNLUCKY in love, I suppose, translated…

On my younger cousin’s wedding, I’d met people from my mother’s side of the family whom I rarely got to see, some of whom I hadn’t seen for many years already, like my older cousin’s two sons, I’d still carried the images of them being seven or eight, and now, they’re teens, breaking out already.

“Pearl my older sister!”, a long-haired, plain but beautiful looking woman hollered out at me, “You are…”, before I had the chance to react, my mother’s youngest sister standing behind this beautiful woman stated, “Don’t you remember, she’s Snow.”

What a change!  Standing behind her, were three boys, one, her wild younger brother, another, the youngest brother who’d just entered into middle school, but, there was yet, another boy who was seemingly between my younger and youngest boy cousin’s age, who is he, how come I don’t remember him at all?

Toward my face of questions, the boy didn’t know how to speak up.  My youngest aunt started, “He too, is your younger cousin, the son from your Uncle Chiao who lives in Guanshi.”, then, I started to remember.  When I was in high school, once, my youngest aunt who was pregnant, took me to Uncle Chiao’s to visit, said that Uncle Chiao had been nothing BUT kind to her and her family.  Back then, I was real glad, that my aunt had found someone she could share her life with, someone who’s going to take good care of her.

On the romance history of this youngest aunt of mine, she could write a five-thousand page novel about her own romance.  But, each and every time, the cruel reality always kicks in.

Snow was from the marriage with her first husband, without knowing, that very shortly after Snow was born, the marriage ended, because my aunt couldn’t put up with her husband’s abuse; later, my aunt privately told us, that Snow’s father wasn’t even her first husband.

Not long thereafter, my youngest aunt met another man, and had Snow’s younger brother.  Don’t know if it’s her luck with men, my youngest aunt spent the most part of her life, between the men, and, as a result, all four of her sons had the same mother, but different fathers.

Toward my youngest aunt’s four kids, I truly hope, that they can manage to live their lives to the best of their abilities.

And here, we’re still NOT told W-H-Y, the person’s aunt had so many FAILED marriages, and, we can only hope, that this woman will NOT make the mistakes over, over, and over again, after all, you do NOT want to have a TON of half-siblings, that’s just TOO messed up!

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