Letter of Apology to My Doll

Viewer discretion IS advised!!!

Dear doll,

I’m real sorry for what I’d done to you, I know I shouldn’t have, but I just couldn’t help it, because daddy did it to me, and, I needed to do it to someone E-L-S-E, and there’s NO one I can hurt who won’t retaliate, but Y-O-U.

I know I should’ve acted better than I had, but, you have to know, that in the heat of the moment, I just couldn’t control myself, especially, after I’d stripped OFF your dress, and saw your slender, white, porcelain legs, I got real turned on all right.

And, after I did what I’d done (a very EVIL thing!) to you, I feel oh so awful, and, I’d smothered you with kisses all over your body, just as my daddy’d done to me, every single time afterwards (don’t ask for “what”!).

I just want to let you know how remorseful I am, for what I’d done, and so, I’m writing this letter, hoping you can read it (yeah right!!!), and, after you’d read it, maybe, maybe you can forgive me, and we can be good friends again?

And because all you parents are way too M***ER F***ING stupid, there’s NO way, to save them “dolls” before it’s WAY too late, and, because you’re all way too BUSY, doing GOD-knows W-H-A-T, you’d left your kids unattended, might as well just cook them sheep, and serve it to the W-O-L-F is what I say!!!

What do Y-O-U think, doll?  And that would be another day, in the life, of an ABUSED child, and, these things that these children ARE experiencing DO show up, in their playing, so parents, WATCH them, carefully, do NOT let them out of your sights!

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