Because She Wanted to Break Up with Him, He’d Strangled Her

From the Online Newspapers here, translated…

A twenty-three-year-old woman, Chien, early in the morning today, was found, strangled to death in her own kitchen, the police pointed out, that the woman had just broken up with a man of age twenty-eight for a year, the boyfriend came home from Taipei, and wanted to see her, but she’d said no.

The neighbors of the woman, a before eight o’clock in the morn today, found Chiu, wandering around the neighborhoods, and the woman’s mother, at eight-thirty, received a call from her work colleague, saying that she didn’t show up for work, she’d rushed home to check up on her daughter, found her daughter, strangled to death, and, at eight fifty, she’d called the cops, and rushed her child to the hospital, but, she was already dead.

The police believed, that Chiu is the primary suspect, and he didn’t return to him home in Chingshui, and so, the police are currently, tracking his whereabouts.

And, because this IS the preliminaries, we can only speculate, but, if this man DID kill his soon-to-be-EX, then, the man has a REALLY low E.Q., just because someone wants to break up with you, still doesn’t give YOU the right, to take their lives, does it, and, IF the boyfriend did it, he will NEVER be able to rest, because of HIS guilty conscience!

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