The Bad Feelings of Going Back to Visit My Mother’s Household Alone, a Story on Marriage

Because your husband doesn’t get along with your family???  Translated…

Back then, I was about to enter into my husband’s family, from my getting-along-well-with-one-another family of origin, to my husband’s distant, large family, my mother was real worried, because my aunt later told me, “Your mom had once consoled me, I thought, that my daughter’s personality will help her, in dealing with these issues.” Just as my mother had suspected, I’d effectively handled all the mixtures of relationships among the members of my husband’s family; but, I couldn’t change my husband’s distant personality toward his family.

After I married, every time my family got together, I’d gone alone, most of the time, and my mother would gladly accept the reason that her son-in-law, is working hard away, and would remind me to focus on his side of the family more, that I need not come home as often.

And now, my daughter is faced with similar situations, naturally, I saw her heart, and I didn’t work hard, to bust her up, and I’d worked even harder, to live a better life, so she wouldn’t need to worry.

It’s just that my daughter’s lies and when she’d come visit, it’d made me understood how my mother must’ve felt back then, how much worries, sadness, and loneliness she must’ve handled all on her own.

Until you become a mother yourself, you will NOT know the heart of your own mother, and that, is exactly what happened right here, and now, as this woman is also a mother, she watched her daughter, repeated the same path of life she’d taken up.

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