It Takes a Lot of Patience, to Teach an Elderly How to Use a Computer

On Parent-Child interactions, translated…

As they aged, teaching one’s parents how to use a computer, it’s truly tortures to them.

The situation that happened the most was, awhile ago, my son had taught me, from top to bottom, the moment he’d left the room, the parents had forgotten what was told to them.

If you can get acquainted after a few times, then, it would be fine, but, they’d kept running around into the same issues, and, it’s hard to NOT get annoyed.

But I’d thought about it, it wasn’t my parents’ fault, after all, they’re NOT like us, younger generations, spending every day alongside a computer.  The actions we took to be too simple, is so very unfamiliar to them.  Change a thought, I couldn’t fix the electrics or the plumbing systems, I must be slow to do that too.

Turns out, after this change of my mindset, I’d gotten more patient, and would volunteer to teach my parents how-to, and remind them of the steps they have the tendencies to skip, until they’d gotten familiarized.

And my friends all faced this sort of troubles, and, as I’d shared my own experiences with them, they’d all nodded in agreement.

Actually, it’s NOT at all hard, teaching the elderly to use a computer, so long as we’d changed our mindsets, and add in a bit MORE empathy, it CAN be achieved!

Because they’re elderly, and may have trouble, being receptive to new things, that, is why it takes a LONGER time for them to learn, and, it’s easy for us, the children, to LOSE our patience, in teaching our parents things.


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