A Woman from Japan Tramped the Streets of Taipei as Her Daughter Hadn’t Come to Pick Her Up


Abandonment of the elderly, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A Korean-Japanese sixty-eight year old woman, came to Taiwan alone to visit a friend, she’d lost eighty thousand Japanese Yen that she had, and, her two credit cards, for some unknown reasons, wouldn’t work; she’d tramped the streets of Taipei for an night, the patrol officers gave her eight thousand dollars from his own pocket, to put her into a hotel, but, she’d waited for half a month, and her daughter still hadn’t shown up to meet with her, in the end, the police gave her a lift to the Korean Consulate, and, the visa had expired, and her daughter still didn’t show up, and so, she would be deported.

Lee, the elderly woman can only speak Japanese, and, with the help of a translator, she’d told the police, that her daughter was originally meeting up with her, to find someone they’d met back in the U.S. in Taiwan, her daughter asked her to come to Taiwan first, and that she will come later, but the daughter kept delaying and delaying, she didn’t know what to do either.  The police suspected that she was “ditched”, but, during this time, her daughter had called her to see how she was through the phone lines in the hotel she was staying at.

Last month on the 17th, Lee came to Taiwan, as she was about to check into a certain hotel in Chongshan District, she’d found, that her cash is gone, and the two credit cards her daughter gave her had also been declined, the hotel refused to let her stay there; she didn’t have much left from the $2,000N.T. exchange she’d made at the airports, she took to the streets, and the very next day, she was found, by the area’s residents, to be crying, the residents called the police to help her out.

The patrol officer, Chang saw, that she’s about to be sent to the streets, he’d put up $8,000N.T. from his own pockets, to get her into another hotel, and the daughter promised to pick up her mother two days later; and, Chang, the officer had made visits to the woman daily, because she didn’t have any money, she didn’t dare go out, and had stayed in the hotels every day, and lived off of the free meals provided by the hotel.

Lee checked into the hotel on the eighteenth of July, and, waited there for two weeks for her daughter, and the daughter still didn’t show, and the $8,000N.T. had already been spent, the hotel allowed her to stay until the 31st, but, because they couldn’t handle the losses, they’d asked the police officers to take her.

And so, clearly, this woman WAS abandoned by her daughter, for whatever reason, and, the police helped her, managed to find her a place to stay, out of their own pockets, and that, is a kind of kindness that doesn’t happen every day.  As for why her daughter had abandoned her?  It didn’t say, so, I wouldn’t know!


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