Going Through a Divorce, and Taking It Out on the Kids

This, is SCAPEGOATING AT its W-O-R-S-T, from NBCNEWS.com, summarized

A woman, going through divorce and a custody battle is accused of killing her own two-year-old baby girl, and cutting her teenager with a knife.  And, she is now, faced with charges of aggravated murder, and if convicted, she could be sent on death row.

As she should be!!!  What kind of a mother, oh, I know, one with a VERY, VERY, V-E-R-Y L-O-W E.Q., first of all, you’re the one, going THROUGH your divorces, and you got NO right, to take it out on your children, I mean, it’s NOT as if they were the ones forcing the two of you to get married in the first place, so, stop scapegoating on them, and this time, a young baby IS dead, and a teenager is severely injured, and now, the mother is serving HER death sentence…








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