A Mother Kept Her Bank Books Hidden from Her Drug-Addicted Son, and Was Beaten by Him to the Extent She Needed Hospitalization

I wonder W-H-O-S-E fault this is???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A drug-addicted man, Liu who’d been getting high for years already, two days ago, was displeased at how his mother in her seventies had hidden his bank books from him, he was suspected of beating her up with a club, to the point of subdural hematoma, into a state of comatose, and then, he’d fled the scene, the family members feared that Liu might be physically violent toward his own mother again, and yesterday, they’d filed for an emergency restraining order, and was granted, and the family pressed charges.

The twin sister of Liu (age 51) said, that her younger brother had been addicted to drugs for years on end, and there was NOTHING that the family can do about it, the siblings were originally going to take their mother up north to take care for her, but the youngest brother often used threats that he’ll bring harm to the family members, to keep his mother with him, and had asked each one of his siblings to give his mother at least $20,000N.T. per month for sustenance, and because the mother couldn’t take care of her accounts, and so, the siblings can only wire the amount to the youngest brother’s account, but, the money that was supposed to be used to support their mother had been spent by the youngest brother.

Liu’s older sister stated, that two days ago, her brother had trouble finding the bank books for the money that they’d sent to their mother, and suspected that the seventy-seven year-old mother had hidden it from him, he was suspected of using a wooden bat, and beaten the mother to subdural hematoma, along with broken multiple bones inside her body, the neighbors called it in, and took Liu’s mother to the Tainan City Hospital E.R., and because she was so brutally beaten up, she was in a coma, and is now, under observations in the ICU.

Liu’s older sister got the call two days ago, rushed home to Tainan, saw how badly her mother was beaten, she was outraged; she feared that her younger brother might use physical violence toward their mother again, yesterday, she’d gone with her family to the Tainan District Court and filed for an emergency restraining order, “I just hope that there is still some humanity left in my younger brother, that he doesn’t do anything bad or stupid again.”

Based off of understanding, Liu has multiple priors, last year, he was sentenced to five months in prison for using a fruits knife in the hospital wards, to threaten other patients, he will be serving his time this August, he’d once asked for the $150,000N.T. bail from his friends and families, but, nobody wanted to help him out.

And, the one who’d caused this son to behave so badly was still his own MOTHER, had she not let him get away with the minor things from earlier on, then, I’m sure that he wouldn’t have exacerbated to where he is currently, and, because the mother is fueling to this bad son’s behaviors, she’d become the enabler, and, it’s still the parents fault when the kids turned out like this.




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