The Arson and Drug Dealer Was Arrested, and His Household Didn’t Have Any Money, the Police Put Up the Money to Help Feed His Child

A little EXTRA help, some kindness too, from the Newspapers, translated…

A man, Yao, got high on drugs, and was also a dealer, had a gun to protect himself, when the police made an arrest, they’d realized that he had a girlfriend and a baby girl who was not yet one, he had the money to get high, but didn’t have any money to give to his girlfriend and child, he only had $300 N.T. on him, and, the canister for the baby formula, along with the fridge, were empty, there was NO food in the freezer either, and the police put up the money themselves, and bought the formula and daily living supplies for him, as they tried to console him, to be a good man.

“I SWEAR I will NEVER touch drugs again!”, Yao (age 38) claimed, he looked shameful when he was arrested, and swore to his girlfriend he’ll change, and rammed his head against the walls to show that he’s for real this time.  The officers who’d made the arrest sighed, “Had you known”.

Last year, the police got a tip that Lin was suspected of robbery in shops and people’s homes, and they’d tracked that he got his guns from Yao, and last month on the 30th, they’d gone to Taoyuan to make an arrest.

The officers on that day, ambushed close to his home, and used binoculars, and saw that Yao was hiding inside his car, shooting drugs up his arms, and, close to noontime, when he’d gotten out of the car, and took out the materials he used, to alter the guns, along with some ammunitions, and drugs like amphetamine and heroin, etc., etc., etc., after they’d taken him in to interrogate him, they’d booked him, based off of possession of weapon and drugs.

That just shows you, that the police are NOT heartless, they DO care, and, hopefully, this man who was arrested will find a better way, like a J-O-B that’s proper, to support his family, after he’d served HIS time for his crimes.






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