How to Get a Ticket for a Good Future?

From a reader, translated…

My older brother’s two kids, one is graduating the elementary years, the other is heading into the fourth grade.  A few years ago, when my sister-in-law still lived with me, when the children were quite young, she’d trained them to wash their packed lunch boxes.

Later, my former sister-in-law moved out, and grandmother felt bad for the kids not having a mom, and she’d started washing their lunch boxes, I’d told my mother several times, that my former sister-in-law’s ways was the correct one, training the kids, but my mother just won’t listen, she’d handled all of her grandkids’ affairs, without realizing, that by loving them too much, she’s actually hurting them.

Last winter, we’d adopted a stray, “little buddy”.  I’d told my two nephews the rules, I will help “little buddy” with his baths, but they must clean up after “little buddy”.  I said, you both are older brothers, “little buddy” doesn’t know any better, that, was why he’d peed and pooped all over the places, you must help him clean up, it’s an “upgrade” on your statuses in the house, and, the responsibilities also upgraded with the status upgrades.

The influence of the education in the families, is accumulated little by little every day, I felt, that the kids now have it made, but, think about it on a level of depth, being well taken care of now, could it be a guarantee for a good life forever?  Taking a look at the kids who were forced to “mature earlier” in the less fortunate families, maybe, they’re having it hard right now, but maybe, they’d have better fortunes for the future!

And, isn’t becoming independent, with the abilities to weather through all the hardships, the ticket in the realm of having a good life?

Of course it is, being able to withstand the trials and tribulations of life that, is “trained”, because nobody’s born, knowing H-O-W to weather through the bad things in life, and the grandmother from the above, she’d kept her grandsons from learning, by “taking care of them” too well, which will, in the future, create MORE problems for the society, because if you have everything taken care of for you, what would you know H-O-W to do?  Exactly, so, STOP hovering over your kids, MAKE them learn to stand UP!!!


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