It’s Easy to Walk Right by

It’s easy to walk right by, that homeless man, who’s got his face, all dirtied, from living on the streets for god knows how long, and, it would be even EASIER, to pinch your noses, as you pass right by him, because of the stench he’d given off, from NOT having a clean change of clothes.

It’s easy to walk right by, others are doing it, so, why can’t I?  I mean, why should I care, about that man without the legs, crawling on the sidewalks, begging me for some spare change that I don’t even need?  It’s easy to walk right by, after all, everybody ELSE is doing it, so, why can’t I??? It’s easy to walk right by that house where the SCREAMS are coming out of in your neighborhood, and, it’s even EASIER to ignore those bruises that she has on her face, the shiners around her eyes, and how no matter how hot the weather, she’d kept herself “covered up”, from HEAD to HER TOES. It’s easy to walk right by, when you see little Alyssa (from that song???), it’s even easier, just to tell yourselves, that she’s fine, ignoring the FACT, that she is abused by her parents, and so, it wasn’t until Alyssa too, became another Concrete Angel (from McBride’s song), and, the world weeps for the loss of that one EXTRA innocent child, then, it moves on, and forget about everything that’s bad that had happened yesterday, because everything eventually becomes YESTERDAY’s N-E-W-S, which makes it O-L-D!!!


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