More Than Half of the Retired Individuals Have NO Idea How They’ll Be Spending Their Time in Retirement


This, is really AWFUL, because you got NOTHING planned for the next twenty-thirty, even FORTY years, so, you’re basically just waiting for that “call” from death!!!  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

The individuals in this nation are living longer and longer, investigation showed, that everybody’s “life after retirement”, their “third life” can last up to twenty, even thirty years, taking up a-third of one’s life, but, most people hadn’t planned OUT their retirements.

The Great Vision Magazine took the polls of eight hundred individuals over age fifty and found, that the average age of retirement for people in this nation is 57.5, which was 7.5 years earlier than the legal age for retirement, plus the average lifespan is increasing, the life after retirement may be the LONGEST portion of life.

The assistant CEO of the magazine pointed out, that people felt barely ANY impact from the speeding up of the aging process, this, may be a BIG warning sign.  The results of the research showed, that half of all who are retired had little to NO clue of everything relating to after the retirement, including elderly care, medical costs, along with people hired to take care of the elderly persons.

Living alone, poor, and without family members around, these three are the main causes of the sufferings in the elderly years, and, all of these are caused by not planning ahead of times.  The founder of the Great Vision Magazines, Kao said, that from before, he’d noticed how his American colleagues work hard, to plan out their retirements, but people in Taiwan don’t have the same kind of mindsets.

“Take care of your own elderly years”.  Mary Yang told, a complete retirement plan must have three presets: good health, enough money, and interpersonal relationships, so you’d have a strong enough supportive network.

And so, remaining ACTIVE is only ONE of the keys in the elderly years, after all, we are, living LONGER than before, and so, we would BE spending the majority of the years of our lives in retirement, so, are you ready?  Had you planned it all out?  Do you have ENOUGH saved up?  Have you started on acquiring a multitude of hobbies yet?  If not, well, you’re gonna get S-C-R-E-W-E-D, and, there’s NO such thing as OVER-preparing on THIS particular matter.



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