Moments Before You Wake

Moments before you wake, you were dreaming, as I watched you.  Moments before you wake, you whispered something underneath your breath, and I tried making it out, but, I couldn’t…

Moments before you wake, you were lost in your nightmares, sweating it out real hard, and, you woke me up, I put my hand over your forehead, to wipe away the sweat, and, you fell fast back to dreams again.

Moments before you wake, what did you dream about?  Her, isn’t it?  Even when you’re sleeping NEXT to me, your mind and heart are still with her, and that just hurt me, real bad, why can’t you love me the way you love her?  After all, I AM your wife (uh, yeah right, and, get R-E-A-L!!!), and she’s your W-H-O-R-E, and, I know about her too!

Moments before you wake, what was it like, are you STUCK between waking up, and halfway OUT of your dreams, did you get lost, like when you tramped into that labyrinth of green?  Did you feel that sense of panic, because you thought you were NEVER going to see me again?

Moments before you wake?  Well, you’re WIDE awake now, aren’t you?  And, it’s my time to SLEEP, I’d spent the ENTIRE night, watching you, and frankly, I’m really tired right now…


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