Keeping Her Protected Forever

Keeping her protected, forever, because she’s my little girl, and I will NEVER, EVER-E-V-E-R, allow ANY kind of harm to come to her, not unless it’s over MY dead B-O-D-Y!!!

Keeping her protected, forever, there’s NOTHING I wish more than that, but, as she grows up, little, by little every single day, well, I feel her, slipping farther, and farther still away.  Keeping her protected, forever, that, is what I will do, because if I don’t, then, I would NOT be a good AND fitting mother to my own child.

Keeping her protected forever, but H-O-W?  Is there a way, that I can protect her, to keep her away from harm, from her getting hurt by anything, including L-O-V-E?  Probably N-O-T, and so, as she grows, little, by little every single day, there is NOTHING I can do, but to let go slowly, even if it’s in my desire, to hold on, forever, I know I can’t!!!


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Filed under Because of Love, Family Matters, Parent-Child Interactions, Parenting/Parenthood, Properties of Life, Values, Vicious Cycle

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