Fighting Over Volunteering Opportunities: What the Children Gained from the Experiences Relied on the Adults’ Guidance

From the Front Page Sections, translated…

I read up on the column of “summer time volunteer work, what’s IN right now”, I have some opinions on the matter.  Actually, in the processes of getting into college from high school, with volunteering experiences, this adds a few points to the total scores, and this policy had been in place, for many years already, and, it’s on the right tracks too, hoping that through volunteering, the students will better understand what giving to the world is all about.

The society is now, advocating the work of volunteers, and, even though, these volunteers can achieve a lot of things, there’s still a need to get the story out, so the parents and the students can better understand the meaning behind having to volunteer, and, when enforcing the “rules”, the procedures must be followed, step-by-step as well.

Like when I’d work at the libraries, we’d had to set up a system of volunteering, to allow the student volunteers act as janitors, to shelve the books, to sort through older books, to set up a sign in book, I would assist the students from the side, and, at the end of their term, I’d sent a certificate out to the schools’ departments, and, so the schools can hand out certificates of achievements for the students’ volunteer services, so the students would know, that the school takes pride in them, volunteering and helping out.

We must NOT overlook the abilities of children, and just see ourselves as taking the lead, so long as we’d given them clear and precise steps to follow, they’ll handle the matters very well.  If the adults are fearful of troubles, or that the adults didn’t want to take responsibilities for monitoring, and allowing the students to get their proof of volunteering, then, it would, instead, teach them that there are shortcuts they can take, to get to where they want to be, which defeats the purpose of volunteering.

And so, we must set up a good example for the younger generations to follow, should we not?  But, how many adults (boy, am I glad I’m NOT one!!!) out there actually showed the kids, that hey, I really DO care, by helping someone out?  Not very many, is still my guess, and that, is why this policy is still NOT quite working right, it’s set up right, sure, but, it’ll take longer, for the school teachers, the parents, and other nonteaching officials, to get the hang of it, and by them, how many graduating classes would have come to pass?  Nobody K-N-O-W-S!!!


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