Parents Who are Good Examples for Their Young


On Parent-Child Interactions, translated…

I’d been teaching for nearly thirty years, encountered my share of different students.  Those from poverty-stricken backgrounds, if they’re willing to fight for their own happiness, it’s usually because the parents set a good example for their offspring.

Yu-Ling was a child from a lower income household, his crippled father is a cab driver, his ailing mother is a housewife, his older brother goes to a private technical college, his younger sister is still how economically, Yu-Ling’s mother would never miss out on any of his parent-teacher conferences.  Even though, she rarely talked to me about how he’d studied at home, I could tell that she cared a lot about her son.

In private, when I’d conversed with Yu-Ling, he’d often told me how he felt about how hard his father had worked.  He’d once told me, “I love my parents”.  He wanted to use good grades, to pay his parents back, and so, every semester, he was the top of the class.

But, another student, Pei-Ying was different, her mother had her out of wedlock, and left her in the care of her mildly retarded grandmother.  Each month, other when the rent was due, she’d come home, otherwise, she’d disappeared.  Pei-Ying has good learning skills, but is without the motivations to learn.  I’d asked her, “Aren’t you worry about your future?”  She’d always shrugged her shoulders, and minced her lips that seemed to state, “everything will work itself out”.

The education in the school will NEVER be as important as the education at home, and even IF the instructors talked until their mouths are dried, it still won’t beat the role models of the parents!  That, was what I’d gained, from my years of teaching.

And so, this still exemplifies the IMPORTANCE of the role of the family, and yet these day, family values had all gone to the D-O-G-S, because a LOT of parents (yeah, I’m talkin’ to Y-O-U!!!) out there don’t set a good example for their young, and, they’d leave their offspring to fend for themselves, and, so, their kids basically raised themselves, and, you still have this scenario where kids ARE raising kids, and so, where the FUCK (oopsy!!!) are ALL the adults gone?  And that, is W-H-Y, the world has so many problems, it’s ALL because of how FUCKED up the families had become, as families are the MOST basic unit of the society, like how cells are the basic level of ALL things living too, and, tell me that you GET that!


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