How Adults’ Ways of Coping with Disappointments Affect the Child…


From the mind of Murray, B., clinical psychologist…

“If the adults can pull through their disappointments, then, the kids will feel that sense of security”.

And, we should ALL know by now, HOW important that sense of security is to us all, growing up, don’t we?  And yet, HOW many of you, STUPID (that, is what you ALL are, and no, you can’t argue with me on that!!!) parents, are stabilized enough for your kid?  How many of you truly, cared about your kid, as to NOT let her/him feel the distresses your going through in your marriages?  And, how the HELL would you, stupid parents K-N-O-W what we, the children, are feeling?

And, that just shows how important the ROLES of the PARENTS are still, and, IF you’re NOT a good parent, then, your child gets totally, fucking (oopsy!!!) screwed, and, that, is still NOT my problem, because hello, hello, hello?  Did ANY of your offspring get FUCKING (oopsy!!!) pulled OUT from my body?  I think N-O-T!  And adults, DO take responsibilities for your own mistakes, and, STOP scapegoating us all already!!!










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