Dropped Out at Age Ten, Now He Owns a Shoe Factory, the Taiwanese Merchant Donated Another Ambulance




He SHOWED them all right, from the Newspapers, translated…

He didn’t have enough money to go to school, and was looked down by his classmates and school teachers, at age ten, he’d dropped out of school, and took to the streets, but he’d never blamed anybody for this misfortune, at age forty-something, he’d owned a shoe factory in China, and, six years ago, he’d come back home, in his glory, to give back to his hometown, and worked hard, to get involved in nonprofit work.

The sixty-seven year old Chen mentioned how before he was even one year old, his father passed on, and his mother raised him on her own, she worked as a stage performer, “back then, the touring group would go all over the places to perform, and after I started understanding, I rarely saw my mother, just three to four times a year.”

And because of how poor his household was, he was only able to pay for his tuition up until the second grade, as Chen went to school, he’d gotten nagged by his school teachers, and picked on by his classmates.  Chen stated, that when the teacher’s midway in her lessons, she’d called him to stand up, and she would ask him to get the tuition owed from home, then, to return to the class, and so, he could only run around in a circle outside of school, then, returned back to the class and tell his teacher, “There’s NOBODY home at my house”, he knew his mother couldn’t manage to get the money for him.

At age ten, he could NO longer put up with getting picked at in school, so, he ran away from school, and started drifting on the streets of San-Chong, and during the daytime, he’d picked up scraps from the streets, shine someone’s shoes, or washed dishes, and in the evenings, he’d found a place underneath the meat stands at the market place or in the staircases, to crash.  Back then, he did NOT give UP on himself, and it was then, he’d made a wish for himself back then, “to make a LOT of money, to return to his birthplace with glory”.

Chen said, that he was most gracious toward his counseling officer in the armed services, every time when there’s a test, he’d sent him to take it, until he’d questioned him, “I’m the only one here who’d dropped out of elementary school, why do you keep on sending me?”, Ke answered, “Just because you didn’t get enough education doesn’t mean that you’re destined for failure in life”, that, had helped Chen build up his self-confidence.  In 2008, Chen started actively getting involved in not-for-profit activities, gave his first ambulance to the fire department, and named it using Chinese characters from his and his wife’s name, “Tien-Yu-Yuan #1”, yesterday, he’d donated “Tien-Yu-Yuan #2”, and during which time, he’d silently gave to the causes in the wintry seasons too.

And so, here, we have a man with a VERY bad beginning, but he didn’t give up on himself, despite those people who’d talked him down, he just kept at it, and, he’d become a success, and he had some help along the way, like the officer in the army who’d gave him a confidence booster…










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