An Unforgettable Self-Help Trip to Japan, on Parent-Child Relationship


My daughter and my wife would often complain of how I’d given ALL of my time to my patients, and so, during this continuous holiday of the New Year’s, my two baby girls scheduled the whole family on a self-help vacation to Japan.

The passports, the documents, my children took care, and, the forms are also filled out by the two of them, the two of us, emptied our minds, and started looking at the world the children would.

My second daughter is very fluent in Japanese, regular conversations are no big deal to her; my eldest had gone to study abroad in Australia and New Zealand, and so, driving on the right side of the streets was easy for her to adapt to.  And so, my youngest child was responsible for trip planning, my eldest took the wheel, and the two of sat, relaxed in the backseat, enjoying the music and the scenes.

As we arrived at Awaji-shima, we’d realized that they’d booked a mansion with an amazing view, on the second floor lanai, there was a spa, during the day time, it looks out into the blue oceans, and in the evenings, we could gaze up at the stars.  In the subzero temperature, my wife and I soaked in the hot springs, that, was such an amazing feeling, and I still can’t quite forget how I’d felt on that day.

On the very last night, my daughters went with us to take a tour of the lobby of the hotel, and all of a sudden, the lights went out, I thought there was an outage, and about a minute later, I saw my girls took out thirty long stem roses, in the romantic music, she’d appeared before us in smiles.  And, everybody who was there clapped, and attached to the bouquet was a card, “Happy thirtieth anniversary, mom and dad!  From when we were born, to learning to walk, to going off to study abroad, you’d looked out for us, and now, it’s time that we showed that same kindness toward you too…”, after I’d read through the card, I was already in tears, and I couldn’t manage a word for a very long time.

The harmony in the household, is reliant on the mutual respect from the husband and wife, and the children who acted as lubricants from time to time is also vital as well.  Some say that daughters are the fathers’ lovers from a past life, when I recalled how I was blessed, to be in the presence of three women, I feel so very glad.

And so, this, is the children’s way of surprising their parents on their anniversary, and, the parents and the children must get along very well regularly, for the children to spend so much effort on making this surprise too.

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