Displeased at How His Wife Left Him On His Birthday, His Birthday Became His Date of Death

From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A janitor, Huang had not gotten along with his wife for a long time, he was displeased at how his wife took his four kids and went back to her parents’ house on the eve of his birthday, he’d burned charcoal at their rental place.  And because Huang’s friends couldn’t find him, and found a note, “Farewell” on his Facebook, they’d asked Huang’s wife to go home to check up on him, and that, was when the family realized that he’d committed suicide, “his birthday became his date of untimely demise”.  The wife cried as she’d told, “I too, was beaten by him so I ran off!”

Huang (age 40), had been married to his wife for many years, the eldest son is in his first year of high school, the youngest daughter just entered elementary school, the neighbors sighed, “He’d left his four kids behind, what’s going to happen to them?”

The family of six rented their home in Gongguan, and they’d lived off of Huang’s wages as a janitor.  In these couple of years, because of the differences of opinion, the couple would often get into fist fights.  Last Friday, Huang’s wife got beaten up so badly, that she’d gone to the VMH in Taipei; the hospital suspected that there was abuse, and called the domestic violence prevention hotlines.

The wife couldn’t handle getting beaten up, two days ago, she’d left with her four kids to her own mother’s house, but yesterday was Huang’s birthday, and his family is all away, he’d left the messages “My birthday is on the 20th”, and “Farewell”.

Yesterday, Huang’s friends wanted to find him, dialed up his cell phone, but nobody picked up, told his wife, “go home and check on him”, as the family returned home, they saw him, burned charcoal.  As the fire department, and the police came, lividity had already set in, he’d died for a long time.  The police cased the scene, Huang had burned the charcoal with an offering urn, and shoved towels under the doors, and that there was NO outside forces that could have caused his death.

The neighbors said, that the couple would often get into fist fights, and either that the wife is hospitalized for it, or it was the husband, and the kids would often scream, “Mom, don’t fight with dad anymore”; a couple of days ago, Huang wheeled a bunch of things across the streets, and he “didn’t look happy at all”.

And so, that, would be a way that a man TRIES to make his wife regret, and yeah, maybe the wife will blame herself, for a while, but, after awhile, she will eventually let go, because it was NOT her fault, and that still just shows how irresponsible this man was, leaving behind his family…

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