A Wonderful Journey Shared, on Friendship

In the company of great friends here, translated…

After I’d turned sixty, my husband’s college classmates made a date, that they wanted to travel abroad while they still could!  And, they’d set up the trip so that they started with the farthest regions of the world.

The first time the friends took their families and friends on a cruise, to go to a sea in Greece, there were only twenty-seven who’d attended, and the second time they’d gone, they’d gone to Alaska, and that time, there was thirty-six members.

After a few outings together, we’d all become acquainted with one another, and had learned a lot from each other too.  The couple, H were very personable, they’re the recruits of the vacations, and this time, H had a client visiting, and so, he couldn’t make it, however, Mrs. H was NOT going to let this chance slip by her, and, all the way of the trip, she’d spoken of H daily, and H would constantly LINED her too.

We’d asked her, “Isn’t H thinking of retiring, how could he still be taking on clients?”

Mrs. H said, sort of gloating, “H is excellent in business, while others do what they could, and got very little, H only did the minimum amount of work and gotten the best results, he’d become best friends with his clients and the providers too, and, he just couldn’t get the business away from him.” H, who knew how to make the money roll, told his wife generously, “If you see something you liked, just buy it, you only have one chance, and, if you missed it, you will be in regrets for a very long time, and, you will carry that regret for your whole life. The couple, M, they were very close to each other, everywhere they’d gone, they’d remembered to pick up souvenirs for their kids and grandkids.  Even though after their son wed, he did NOT live with them, but on the weekends, he will return with the children to visit.  M and his wife would prepare a TON of dishes, candies, fruits, and toys too, to welcome them.  And the grandkids are very happy about that, and every weekend, they’d nagged their parents to take them to visit the grandparents, and so, they’re a close-knit family.

Mr. D would always be on the arms of Mr. D, every new city we’d entered, she’d surely search for the Starbucks city cup to get as their souvenir, and bring them home, wanted to give their daughter-in-law who kept a collection a surprise, they’d used their hearts to give back to their kids.

L is very successful in his field, loved his wife very much, and is the best in being a good son, he’d taken his wife, his mother-in-law, and his sister-in-law on the trip.  And his mother-in-law, whenever meeting up with new people, would have nothing but commends to say about him, she is easy-going, and would often wear her smiles to greet everybody, and she’d let the younger generation deal with the traveling plans.  We all say, that we wanted to be just like her, an elderly who is loved by her children and grandchildren, that way, the kids won’t stay too far away.

As for me?  I have a husband who paid attention to detail next to me, guarding me, watching over me, and, the fees and costs, he’d paid, what MORE can I ask for?

The forty year’s classmates can still keep up with one another, accompanied by happiness and health, we call ourselves, “couples who have bliss”.  We hope, that for the futures, we can get to go on more trips such as this one.

And this, would be a good example, of how to age gracefully, and, the people are all very well-rounded, they don’t nickel and dime, and that, is why they’re able to get along easily with one another.

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