A Child I Was No Longer, Someone Who’d Become So Unfamiliar to Me…

A child, I was no longer, she’s now, someone who’d become so unfamiliar to me, she’s beyond even MY “adult” recognition… I first saw her again, as I was walking across a glass window pane, I just glared over at the reflection of myself, reflected, and, she came out!

A child I was, no longer, don’t know when that’d happened, for I have NO recollection of the last day I was a child, that significantly important moment had been wiped from my memories, for some unknown reasons.

A child I was, NO longer, but, I am NOT ready to say goodbye to you yet, my “child”, but because the adults are chasing you out, and in order for me to survive and adapt better in their big ol’ world, I MUST pretend that I don’t see you anymore either!

And so, I had, lost my innocence, and, I’d walked around in the darkness, without knowing that there’s light, for many, many, many, many, M-A-N-Y years on end, and, I’d found “her” again, by staring (not intentionally, of course!!!), into that same glass pane window of that SAME storefront, and, “she” ran into my embraces, and I’d been holding “her” tight EVER since, and I will N-E-V-E-R let go of her again, for she, IS my B-A-B-Y now, and I will take good care of her, like “her” parents never had!!!




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