The Electric Blanket Had Caused the Baby Girl to Suffer from Burns, the Nurse Got Reprimanded and Placed on Leave

Is this scapegoating on the woman by the hospitals, I don’t know, let’s see then, shall we???  From the Newspapers, translated…

A baby girl, Peng was burned by the use of an electric blanket of the Bao-Er Women and Children’s Clinic, yesterday, after the sanitation department took a closer look at the matter, they’d decided that the caretaker of the infant, a nurse, Yuan, had used the electric blankets against the rules, and engaged in negligence, and they’d put her on administrative leave for one month to one year’s term, and the clinic was also at fault for NOT monitoring, and the clinic could get fined up to a quarter of a million dollars.

But the father of the infant believed, that it WAS the clinic’s responsibilities, and yet, the reprimands were placed solely onto the one nurse, “they’re finding a scapegoat for this matter”.  The hospital claimed that they do NOT dispute the ruling of the Department of Sanitations, that they would shoulder up the responsibilities entirely.

The Department of Sanitation of Hsinbei City went to the Happy Baby Clinic to check, and found that there were TWO electric blankets, that were bought back in 2012, but the staff did NOT keep the user manuals.  And the head nurse there stated, that in the past, this sort of handling the matter had never caused a baby to get burned.

The man responsible for running the clinic, Dr. Hsieh, along with the nurse, Yuan, went to the Department of Sanitations to explain, both of them claimed, that they “didn’t know that electric blankets couldn’t be used on babies”.

The Department of Sanitations stated, that the nurse, in using the banned electric blanket on the child, in the process, she did NOT remeasure the child’s temperature, only felt the child’s chest and forehead, that Yuan did, engage in neglect behaviors, and in the future, it will help the family members, along with the clinic, to settle the matter.

But the infant’s child couldn’t understand the procedures, and believed that the clinic, from the very start, stated that they are willing to handle ALL the responsibilities, but, as the process went on, the clinic kept dodging the consequences, to NOT take the matter seriously enough, and by punishing the nurses, they’re merely scapegoating.  As for whether or not he will pursue this further, the infant’s father said, that he’ll wait for the reports of damages on his own daughter.

This DID happen in the hospitals, and yet, only the nurse who was in charge of the child was blamed, because the hospital refused to OWN up to their share of the blame, and that, is unfair, and, you should NEVER use an electric blanket on an infant, after all, their skins are more delicate than ours, and, because they were newborns, their skins are NOT as elastic or as strong or even T-H-I-C-K, hello, hello, hello, that’s still, uh, COMMON SENSE here!!!A

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