A Simple Line that Helped Resolve the Distance Between the Members of the Family


My husband is of English descent.  I thought that foreigners are all passionate and open, but the English are very conservative and gentlemanly.  Before I married, I’d realized that when my husband had next to NO interactions with his own family, after I married, I’d gotten to know, that his father died when he was younger, and he’d left home at a very early age to study, and he’d thought that his own mother favored his younger brother more, and so, he wasn’t at all close to his own mother either.

After he’d come back to Taiwan with me, he’d slowly come to known, that the traditional Taiwanese families are all close-knit, and slowly, he was influenced, and, would make international calls back home, and, he’d had more topics to chat with his own mother about too, maybe it’s the coming of age, maybe it’s how he realized that blood is thicker than water………every time before he’d hung up the phones, he’d always say, “I love you”.

He’d once told me that he had never told his own mother “I love you”, I encouraged him to say it aloud, after all, my mother-in-law is close to eighty years of age, and the mother and son are so distant in geography, it’s ALL because of an affinity carried over from a past life that we’re a family right now!

And now, my mother-in-law would always tell him to come home to visit when he has the time!  And, she’d often mailed greeting cards to Taiwan to us too.  It’d shocked my husband to realize, that his mother has him on her heart.  He gladly told me, that he should’ve broken the barrier of silence between them sooner.  It’s hard for me to imagine, that a simple “I love you” had managed to resolve everything between them.

My husband thanked me for encouraging him to proclaim his love aloud, it is truly hard, to make the very first step.  Now he really treasured this love he’d found, which he thought was lost, a love in the distance.

And so, with the wife as the middleman, that, was how the mother and son made up, and, that, is the power of speech, sometimes, a word or two can make the long-running bad relationship turn around, and, the opposite also applies as well.


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