Who Says the Children Who Misbehaved Would End Up as Lowlifes?

Just because you didn’t have a good start earlier in life doesn’t mean that you’ll end up badly, you can still make your lives better, you know???  Translated…

On the newscast, it mentioned that a namely American interior designer, when he was a teen, he’d gotten into a lot of bad business, but gladly, his school teachers were very kind toward him, and they’d managed to steered him into the right directions.  After he became famous, he’d gone back to his alma mater, to thank his instructors, the teachers said, “Our duties, are to help the students uncover their passions and dreams!”

This reminded me of something I’d gone through…

At the door of the office stood a youth who looked glowing, he slowly walked toward me, smiled and told, “Teacher, I’m Lu, from a certain class, do you still remember me?”

And, my memories flashed to ten years ago, the most head achy student I ever had, but this young man who’s full of self-confidence and courteous, it was hard, for me to link the two together.  What sort of an experience, had helped him turn his life around?

This student, Lu, had been interested in arts and designs, and toward the academic stuff, he showed absolutely NO interests at all.  But, both his parents, who graduated from technical high schools told him, “Son, I want you to be better than I am”, hoped that he could graduate high school and go on to college.  The layers of pressures, plus his puberty, had caused Lu to act up in class, and he’d even led his classmates to make a mess in the school, and naturally, he’d made a TON of bad grades too.

But the school did NOT give up on this child, through a multiple methods of approach, and the communications with the parents, the4y’d finally respected the child, and allowed him to take the arts department examinations at a technical high school.

Lu poured his heart and soul into his interests, and had outstanding performances in school, and managed to build up his own self-confidence.  Three years later, he’d graduated, and entered into a designing firm.  And because he did excellent work, he received a ton of orders, at age twenty-one, he made enough money to buy a house; the company had even decided, that after he’d served his army terms, to send him to England to study.

On the eve of his army service ending and leaving the country, Lu returned back to his alma mater middle school, to show his gratitude toward us, his teachers.  I looked at this boy with a bright future who looked glowing, I was truly happy for him, and I’d said a simple blessing for him, and, who says that troublemakers in school are bound to turn into lowlifes later on?

Because he had supportive teachers and parents who allowed him to take the alternative route, that, was why this person was able to get beyond himself, and that just shows how important support is, in a kid’s life.






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