A Father Accidentally Ran Over His Two-Year-Old Daughter, Driving Drunk

The carelessness of a parent here, once again, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

Yesterday evening, the Kaohsiung subprecinct in Chienchen received a call from bystanders, that a two-year-old young girl was run over by a car, the police rushed to the scene, found the father of the child, dazed, sitting on the curbside, with a beer can next to his feet, and he wreaked of alcohol too, the truck close by was still running, the patrol officers took him in, and at the subprecinct, he’d admitted to running over his own child, but couldn’t tell how it’d happened.

The police said, yesterday at eight in the evening, they’d received a call, that there was a traffic death in Chienchen District, that there was a young child who’d died, the police and fire department rushed to the scene, saw the two year old girl, Chen, laying dead to the side of the road, her head had been crushed by the wheels of the truck, like a ball with a hole in it, the way she’d died was awful.

The neighbors said, that after the accident, the child’s father said that as he was pulling in, he saw his child run over by a motorist, and that the motorist ran off, the neighbors called the police for him; but as the police came, they saw the father, drunk, wreaked of alcohol, and the truck was still running, and there was blood on the tires, suspected that he was the one who ran over his own daughter, and so, they’d taken him back to the station, and his wife started wailing, had a melt-down.

After they took him in, the father quickly admitted to running over his own child, and that he was drinking, that last night, as he was pulling in, he accidentally hit his two-year-do, but he really didn’t see her running out; the child’s mother, in order to stabilize the husband’s emotions, kept telling him, “We’ll give birth to her again in the future.”

The police suspected that the child might have heard the engines, and ran out to greet her dad, without knowing that there would be an accident on the way.  The police did a breathalyzer test, and he showed a 0.38B.A.C., and they’d booked him based off of public endangerment and negligence homicide.

And so, another innocent child D-I-E-S, because she was eager to see her daddy, but her daddy was too drunk and didn’t see her, and, this could’ve been prevented, had the man only gotten dropped off by a designated driver, but why wasn’t it?  Oh yeah, we don’t “DO” designated drivers here in Taiwan!!!







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