The Mother Tried to Find Her Daughter, and the Facebook Community Was Moved and They All Helped Out

In this case, Facebook had helped, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The seventeen year-old adolescent girl, “Blue” often runs away from home, and would show off her new clothes and the great dining experiences she’d had via Facebook, her mother tried to reach out to her through Facebook, it didn’t work, but, her mother’s words managed to touch her Facebook community friends, and the friend had told the police of the adolescent girl’s being controlled by a drug dealer, and the police yesterday was about to make an arrest and save the girl.

The Youth Squad in Taichung last July received a tip, said that the seventeen year old girl, “Blue” was being controlled by the twenty-six year-old man, Lin, using drugs and he’d forced her into sexual slavery, wanted the police to investigate.

The woman who’d phoned this in said, that because of her job, she’d met “Blue” and Lin on Facebook, and became Face friends, and realized that Lin had used drugs to make several adolescent girls do illegal work, but she didn’t want to get into trouble, she’d stalled on tipping the police off.  She said, that “Blue” had shared how she was wined and dined extravagantly, and had on new clothes, that “Blue’s” mother would often post words of encouragement to the girl, hoping she’d come home soon, and, as a mother, she knew what her mother was going through, that, was what made her call the police.

Through the long-term investigations and collection of evidence, yesterday, the police used multiple teams to arrest three suspects, including Lin, and managed to get four adolescent girls out, including “Blue”, and, as the police interrogated the men, they’d found, that the current boyfriend of “Blue”, Wu (age 26) was involved in fraud.

“I’m so sorry mom, I’m too rebellious!”, Blue cried, and said that she didn’t know any better, that was why she was “collected” by Lin, and now, she’d come to know, that she will be placed by the social services, she was in deep regrets.  Blue’s mother yesterday learned, that her daughter sold her body for so many months away from home, and used drugs, she was heartbroken, and upon knowing that her daughter would be placed in a group home, she had an even more difficult time accepting, kept claiming, “How did this happen?”

The police investigated and found that Lin used the title of “The Master of Chinese Translating Company”, worked with a man, Wang (age 21), gotten the teenage girls hooked on ketamin, and when the girls ran out of money to buy more drugs, they’d pimped them out.  After the interrogations, the police took Lin and the others into custody.

And so, without the woman being bossy, this young woman may have NOT been rescued from the fires, and, because this woman has a child of her own, so, she was able to empathize, and that drove her to help this young woman out.

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